MP works to help Telford family in Thomas Cook holiday chaos

A family from Lightmoor in Telford, holidaying in Turkey, with 5 small children, including a 9 month old baby, have been told they have 24 hours to leave their hotel in unless they handover £980 in cash. Their prepaid currency card topped up with £400 for spending money is not being honoured.

Lucy Allan Annual Report

Lucy Allan is delivering her annual report to residents across Telford. The annual report is a summary of Lucy's work in Parliament and in Telford setting out how she is delivering for the community she represents.


Attached is a copy of her annual report. 

Lucy Allan's record on Brexit

I want the UK to leave the EU with a deal, however, if Parliament cannot agree a deal, and we have seen in the last three years that Parliament cannot, we must leave in any event, as we cannot just continue to remain.

MP's record of action on improving transport links in Telford

Over the last 2 years, Lucy Allan MP's website shows 10 publicly recorded actions and events undertaken by the MP in calling for improved transport links in Telford. These 10 publicly recorded actions and events, have ranged from debates in Parliaments, questions to the Prime Minister, and Transp