Chancellor announces massive support package for the self-employed

This evening, The Chancellor announced a massive package of support for the self-employed. The Government has been working around the clock to devise a scheme that would support the 10% of the population that are self-employed.

The Government's Self-Employed Income Support Scheme:

NHS Volunteer Responders - sign up today

The NHS has set up a Volunteer Responder scheme to assist during the coronavirus outbreak.

The NHS has asked for 250,000 healthy volunteers to support the 1.5 million people in England who are most at risk from the virus. Volunteers can help in several ways:

Prime Minister instructs public to stay at home to fight coronavirus

Last night the Prime Minister announced further measures to increase the effectiveness of social isolation. This is a key part of the fight against coronavirus, as it stops the spread of the disease, which is often symptomless, between people going about their lives.

Coronavirus Statement

It has been announced that a patient with coronavirus has passed away at Princess Royal Hospital, Telford. The patient who was a 41 year old woman from Telford, had a serious underlying health condition.
Lucy Allan MP said: