Getting Telford better connected

Lucy Allan MP today met with Arriva Trains Wales to discuss concerns around connectivity and capacity on the train service from Telford to Birmingham.

MP's Summer Report 2017

Telford's Member of Parliament reports back to residents. 

Lucy Allan MP updates local people on her commitments to Telford in her summer report, focusing on the Princess Royal's future and delivering a Brexit with business and the economy front and centre. Lucy said:

The election is over - accept the result

Jeremy Corbyn visits Telford for third time in less than three months


A General Election is inevitably divisive in any community; in a key marginal like Telford, it is all the more so.

News on the new hospital sites

At last after months of trying to get information from Future Fit we have information on the new hospital sites. Its worth a read.

Update from Parliament

Theresa May is doing a very difficult job in exceptionally difficult times; she is doing this job in the service of our country and that is why she should get our  support.

The election is over

The election campaign is over, the posters are down, the rosettes have been packed away for another day and it is back to working for all of Telford.

Back to work for Telford

I am humbled and honoured to have been elected as Telford’s Member of Parliament for a second time. It is the greatest privilege that Telford people have placed their trust in me to represent them once again.