Social care propsals

Many people in Telford are set to benefit under the Conservatives new social care proposals. 

News from the campaign trail

Its been really encouraging how many new supporters are coming forward in this election.

This week we even had a former Labour Party member respond to the call and come and help out for the first time.

Standing up for the Princess Royal

Throughout the last Parliament, I have been standing up for the Princess Royal. 

The Borough's MPs and Councillors are rightly all on the same side on this important local issue. As the MP for Telford my priority was always the needs and concerns of my constituents.

Lucy's work on Social Mobility in Parliament

Lucy Allan championed social mobility and was a Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on social mobility in the 2015-17 Parliament.

One of the lines of enquiry Lucy worked on in 2016 was improving access to leading professions including medicine. 

Lucy Allan said:

Lucy's work on Mental Health in Parliament

Lucy has focused on Mental Health issues in the last Parliament, particularly mental health of young people, mental health of children in care and male suicide rates.

Lucy in talks with Health Secretary

Lucy Allan MP used her final day in Parliament to again raise residents' concerns about Telford's future healthcare with the Health Secretary.

For nearly four years, Lucy Allan has campaigned for more services at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.

Lucy Allan said:

Telford's voice must be heard

Our future healthcare - Future Fit

It’s really important that people have a say on this key issue. Please return the MP survey or sign the petition to show support. Thanks to the thousands of constituents who have already responded.