Telford Journal Column

No two days are ever alike in the day in the life of an MP.

When in Parliament there is some routine to the business of the House of Commons. During the post referendum political drama, this routine provided stability and structure during an uncertain time.

Now its summer, I am back in Telford dealing with the needs and concerns of constituents and there is variety from day to day.

People come to their MP when all else fails. They maybe distressed, angry or sometimes stoically calm as they tell me their story. Finding solutions to problems, cutting through bureaucracy being able to overcome obstacles, that is work that can change lives. Listening, caring and making a difference: it is this part of the role that is always so rewarding.

On any given day there can be cases of injustice, tragedy or simply a resident facing a bureaucratic brick wall.

Jim, a Telford lorry driver, was faced with a possible £10,000 fine after migrants hid themselves on his lorry. Having met Jim at my surgery it was obvious he was an ordinary driver going about his business. I took up his case with the Home Office. Thankfully we were able to ensure the fine was lifted.

Peter, a student, had lived in Telford since he was a toddler, but was born in Canada. He faced losing his university place because he had Canadian citizenship. Despite fulfilling all the criteria to become British, delays at the Passport Office meant Peter faced having to move to Canada. I was able to intervene and see Peter’s case was resolved.

Jacob, a vibrant, fun loving young man, suffered a massive brain injury, while working on a super-yacht. His mother came to see me; calm and determined, she knew as any mother does, what is right for her son. I was in awe of her determination to fight her child and I can help her do that.

For the all the opportunities I have to talk up Telford in Parliament and ensure Government prioritises our needs, it is the greatest privilege to right a wrong, make a difference to someone’s life or ease a devastating situation.

I am holding surgeries across Telford in September. If I can help you, please call 01952 290 039 and find out when I am in your area. I will do everything I can to help.