Standing up for the Princess Royal

Throughout the last Parliament, I have been standing up for the Princess Royal. 

The Borough's MPs and Councillors are rightly all on the same side on this important local issue. As the MP for Telford my priority was always the needs and concerns of my constituents.

The good news is that we now know substantial walk in A&E services will stay in Telford and that Women and Children's services will stay too. There is planned new capital investment in both specialist critical care and planned care, as well as cancer treatment in the County. It is thought our Princess Royal will be the likely site of planned care with proposed new cancer services too, whilst the Royal Shrewsbury will be the the likely site of critical care. This decision making process has taken far too long, cost too much - it is time to get on with the job and deliver on these new services.

You can see the link to my work here and if you look through the news section of my website you will see more stories on the work I have done.

The decisions made about our future hospital care are taken locally by clinicians and patient safety is always paramount.

Whilst these decisions are not taken by MPs, or by central Government, all residents want to be sure the local MP is fighting Telford's corner effectively.

Telford's health needs and concerns are very different to those of rural Shropshire. I have made sure that those making the decisions about our future health care properly understand Telford, both its future and its past, and that our healthcare is designed to meet our specific needs.

(Pictured at Princess Royal Hospital with Health Minister Philip Dunne).