Sharp fall in Telford's young unemployed

Lucy, pictured here with a Telford apprentice is 'delighted' by fall in youth unemployment. Lucy has been working with local business and training organisations over the last 18 months to get more young people into work.

 “I am really passionate about this issue, “ says Lucy, “youth unemployment wastes talent and can lead to a life of welfare dependency. There is great work going on in Telford to get young people into apprenticeships, training and jobs. Many local businesses like LVT Plastics on Stafford Park are providing fantastic opportunities for young people to get started in life.

  “Everyone needs that first break. It is great news that youth unemployment is falling rapidly in Telford. It is down by 7% on this time last year. All the businesses, mentors and training organisations need to be congratulated for the great work they are doing to tackle this problem.

Recently Lucy visited LVS Plastics on Stafford Park, a business that has a record of helping young people get started in their careers.