My work in Parliament on our Princess Royal Hospital

This is my parliamentary record of action on this vital issue during my time as Telford's MP. You can read the speeches, debates or questions I have raised in Parliament with ministers, as set out in the official record known as Hansard. Its a consistent track record of prioritising this issue.


Debate on Princess Royal 5/11/19 worth a read if you want to know where I stand. Health Minister said: “If they want a strong local voice in this House and for their hospital and NHS, every vote that they cast for my hon. Friend in the forthcoming election will deliver exactly that.”

Point of order 28/10/19 - challenge to Health Secretary on A&E and Women & Children's Services 

Speech 23/10/19 on decision to approve Future Fit plan

Intervention on the Health Secretary 23/10/19

Prime Minister's Question on Princess Royal  22/10/19

Question on 'catalogue of failings' of SaTH CEO

My debate on Health Inequalities 20/03/2019 to highlight the legal duties of SaTH

****If you only read one, read this one below****

My speech in debate on NHS 10 year plan reacting to hospital management's decision to move services to Shrewsbury 19/02/19 "My opposition to this plan has been long standing in that does not meet local people's needs."

Health Questions 6/02/19 asking for Hospital Management's decision to be reviewed. "In Telford we have been waiting for 5 years for the chance to ask the Secretary of State to call this plan in for review.

Health Questions 23/10/18 A&E closure bad planning of management

PMQs 28/03/18 £312m for Hospital improvements for Shropshire

Health Questions 06/02/18 Confusion over Future Fit 

Capital Funding - New Towns debate 18/10/17 "Princess Royal is the centre of our community and cements our identity, people are deeply attached to their hospitals and we should be championing them at all times."

My debate on Princess Royal 12/09/17 "not a single communication has been sent to my constituents explaining to them what the hospital trust proposes for the future of our hospital."

Business of the House 20/07/17 "I care passionately about my local paralysed by bureaucratic incompetence and inability to deliver."

Health Questions 04/07/19 "CCG failure to communicate with residents about A&E and women and children's centre."

Debate on hospital provision for Shropshire 11/01/17 - multiple interventions

Debate on NHS Funding 11/01/17 Speech on A&E 

Health Questions 20/12/16 "Quango responsible for Future Fit has spent £3m to come up with a proposal rejected by local people."

Debate on Health Inequalities 24/11/16  "Telford and Shropshire are in the third year of a review into the reconfiguration of the area’s healthcare provision, which includes a women and children’s centre and an A&E. While I welcome the proposed additional investment in health provision for the wider area of Telford and Shropshire, I want to be a voice for my constituents, so I want to ensure that health inequality is prioritised both in the Future Fit decision-making process and when new investment is brought to the area."

Summer adjournment debate  21/7/16 - Future Fit A&E at Princess Royal "While residents worry that they might lose their A&E provision, services deteriorate and there is a negative impact on the morale of healthcare workers in the hospitals affected, not to mention the £3 million of cost that the Future Fit programme has absorbed as a result of this inability to come to a decision."

There have of course been many, many other areas of fighting for the PRH over the last 6 years, not recorded in Hansard, such as meetings with hospital management, NHS bodies, lobbying ministers, getting the issue in the press (that would be another whole page of links!) and files of correspondence. More details can be found on