MP works to help Telford family in Thomas Cook holiday chaos

A family from Lightmoor in Telford, holidaying in Turkey, with 5 small children, including a 9 month old baby, have been told they have 24 hours to leave their hotel in unless they handover £980 in cash. Their prepaid currency card topped up with £400 for spending money is not being honoured.

The family report that the hotel management attempted to seize passports and refused to provide food. At one point families were barricading themselves in their rooms and the police were called. 

The family are not due to return to the UK for another 10 days. At present no return flights are being provided to holidaymakers until their due date for departure. 

The family are among a number of Telford families who have contacted Telford MP Lucy Allan to seek help following the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Lucy Allan said: “This is a frightening situation for this family. They have 5 small children, one of whom has been injured after falling onto a glass table, which shattered. They don’t know where they are going to sleep after tomorrow and cannot even access their own cash which is shocking.

“I am in contact with the British Consul in Turkey and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who are working with the hotel and the family to resolve matters. I have asked for immediate repatriation or alternative accommodation and for consular support for the family until the matter is resolved.

“I am in close contact with the family keeping them informed and reassured. I am grateful to the CAA for their prompt response and their efforts to help this family. I will continue to work with all parties to ensure this family get safely back to Telford.

“I am however concerned to learn that prepaid currency cards issued by Mastercard, topped up with clients’ cash are being treated as just another creditor of Thomas Cook. This money should be protected. I have raised the issue with Treasury Minister, Rishi Sunak, as many Thomas Cook customers will be affected by this. It is outrageous that Thomas Cook whilst trading had made no provision to keep clients’ monies separate and protected.”