Lucy welcomes continued growth in Telford apprenticeship starts

Telford MP, Lucy Allan is pleased to see the popularity of apprenticeships is continuing in Telford.


House of Commons Library statistics show that in 9 out of the past 11 years, the number of people starting apprenticeships in Telford has increased on the year preceding.


Rounded to the nearest ten, in 2015/16, 1340 people started apprenticeships, an increase of 100 compared to 2014/15 and 220 higher than 2013/14.


Across the nation, 53% of apprenticeship starts have been by women, a trend that first stated in 2010/11.


Apprenticeships offer on the job learning, acquiring people to gain both skills and experience as the same time as a qualification. The government is committed to delivering 3 million new apprenticeships by the end of this Parliament.


Commenting on the growth, Lucy Allan MP said: “The growth in apprenticeships is welcome news and shows that the government’s pledge to boost apprentice numbers is working well here in Telford.


“There is no-one defining feature of apprentices and there is a course out there for everyone. Being able to learn new skills, gain experience and be paid gives young people in particular a great start to their working lives”