Lucy visits Telford Schools

This week Lucy Allan MP visited Old Park Primary and Dawley C of E Primary.

Both schools offer their children unique opportunities to learn life skills in different ways. Old Park is the home of the In Harmony project, where every child in the school learns an instrument, reads music and plays in the orchestra. Dawley C of E Primary is teaching life skills too - the school has introduced innovative technology where children as young as 7 years old use Computed Aided Design skills and are mastering 3D printing.

Lucy, who is a member of Parliament's Education Select Committee said:

"I always enjoy visiting Telford schools. It is so uplifting to see the energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning. These schools offer extraordinary opportunities for our children to learn skills that will stay with them for life. Everyone is a musician at Old Park. They  learn more than beat, rhythm and harmony. They learn to focus, to listen to each other and work together. It gives them confidence and a wonderful means to express themselves.

"At Dawley C of E, everyone uses technology in the classroom in amazingly innovative and advanced ways. The children are acquiring skills that will equip them for the jobs of the future. I was so impressed by the aspiration the teachers have for their schools and for each and everyone of their children."

They have made a video to tell the Prime Minister all about what they are doing which you can see here