Lucy Allan takes part in the Give a Day to Policing Scheme

Today in Telford the local MP, Lucy Allan spent a day with West Mercia Police as part of the ‘Give a Day to Policing’ scheme.

Members of Parliament from across England and Wales have been invited by their local police forces to give a day to policing during the summer parliamentary recess.  Around 100 MPs are confirmed as taking part so far.

During the day, Lucy Allan had the opportunity to see a variety of aspects of policing in Telford, from spending time with the neighbourhood policing team, seeing how day-to-day business is prioritised through daily management meetings, attending response calls and discussing policing challenges with frontline officers.

Ms Allan also had the opportunity to meet with two officers from the criminal investigation department (CID) to discuss operations to prevent knife crime and attended a women’s refuge with police officers in response to a call regarding a domestic abuse case.

The local MP was also able to speak to officers about the new body worn cams which police officers wear if they carry Tasers. This is so that daily events are recorded to protect both the public and police officers.


Lucy Allan said:

“It was so rewarding to have the opportunity to spend the day with the local police force in Telford to learn more about the important work they do on a daily basis keeping our community safe.

“I have such admiration for the police officers in Telford who work so hard with such commitment and enthusiasm to help local people with many different issues.”