Lucy Allan to support Government on key Brexit votes this week

This week in Parliament, we will see a series of important parliamentary votes on Brexit, including amendments intended to keep the UK in a customs union with the EU and to give Parliament a decisive say over the final Brexit deal.

The British people voted in a referendum to leave the EU by 51.9% in June 2016 with turnout larger than any election since 1992.

In Telford, people voted leave in the EU Referendum by a majority of over 24,000 votes, backed by the local MP Lucy Allan.

The UK and the EU have reached agreement on the first phase of negotiations on citizens’ rights, Northern Ireland and the financial settlement. Agreement has also been reached on the implementation period, which means that talks are now focusing on the UK and the EU’s future relationship.


Speaking ahead of the votes, Lucy Allan said:

“Since voting to trigger Article 50, the Labour party has tried to block the Brexit process at every stage.

“Their MEPs voted against moving the negotiations on in the European Parliament, they voted against the Withdrawal Bill and they won’t rule out a second referendum.

“Instead of trying to frustrate the will of the people, they should do what they promised to do and respect the referendum result by voting with the Government. This would send a clear message to the EU that we are united in getting the best deal for Britain in these negotiations.

“The Government has a duty to deliver the referendum result and it will do so seeking the best outcome in the national interest.

“As elected representatives, we all need to respect democracy and respect that people want to leave the EU and all its institutions. For this reason I will be supporting the Government on all votes in Parliament this week and it is a pleasure to do so. We must get on and deliver Brexit.”