Lucy Allan MP supports Telford Street Pastors in new video

Lucy Allan MP has commended the work of the Telford Street Pastors in making Telford and the surrounding areas a safer place during the night.


Telford Street Pastors are volunteers from different churches and were set up in response to the problems of crime and safety. They engage with people on the street in the nightlife economy to ensure safety.


Their work in the community has seen significant drops in crime, disorder, drunkenness and anti-social behaviour.


Lucy Allan MP said “I am a big fan of the Street Pastors because they do some amazing work right across Telford, particularly supporting people and creating a really loving atmosphere on the street.”


Lucy has also said: “I was really pleased to be involved in the video to promote the Street Pastors work. It really is a great cause which has made a real impact on Telford, creating a caring, more enjoyable and safer place for all.



“With training in First Aid and with access to specialist equipment, the Street Pastors are key to making Telford an even better and safer place to live.”