Lucy Allan to meet with Arriva Trains to discuss capacity issues

Local MP for Telford, Lucy Allan is set to meet with Tom Joyner the Managing Director of Arriva Trains at the end of this month to discuss ongoing concerns from Telford residents of lack about capacity on trains to Birmingham.

Currently the early morning service between Telford and Birmingham is only operating with 2 carriages instead of 4 which is resulting in commuters in Telford not being able to board the train. Arriva have also withdrawn carriages without informing users or representatives.

Arriva Trains have confirmed that the service is running with 2 carriages due to a shortage in the fleet.

They have also confirmed that they are in the process of upgrading their trains to meet accessibility standards.


Lucy Allan said:

“It is not acceptable that commuters in Telford, who work in Birmingham are being left behind on the platform in Telford due to a lack of capacity on the trains.

“This has been going on all summer and there has been no explanation or consultation for a change in service that is vital for our local economy.

“I look forward to meeting with the Managing Director of Arriva Trains later this month to highlight the problems that Telford commuters are facing on a daily basis and to find a sensible solution to address this problem.”