Lucy Allan calls on Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council to now make request to the Health Secretary to intervene in Future Fit and raises matter in Parliament

Following a meeting of Telford & Wrekin Council to discuss Future Fit, local MP Lucy Allan has written to the Leader of the Council urging him to formally make a submission to the Health Secretary.

The motion which received cross-party unanimous support called for the council to formally refer the Future Fit decision to Health Secretary, Matt Hancock for independent review.

In her letter Ms Allan said that both MPs for Telford & Wrekin have briefed the Health Secretary, but no action can be taken until Telford & Wrekin Council makes a formal submission.

Ms Allan also raised this with Health Secretary Matthew Hancock MP during Health Questions in Parliament. Ms Allan said that “we have been waiting 5 years for the chance to call in the controversial Future Fit plan for review.”

She went on to express her disappointment that the local Council had still not made any submission to the Secretary of State and asked Matt Hancock to confirm that without that submission, he cannot act.

Once submitted, the Council’s referral will be considered by an independent panel who then make a recommendation to the Secretary of State.


Responding to the MP, the Health Secretary said:

"She has made the case very powerfully for the future of her local hospital. It is true that the call in powers I have as Secretary of State can only be exercised when a scheme is referred to me by a local Council. Should that happen I will consider it carefully."


Lucy Allan said:

“I am pleased that the motion passed unanimously last night. This sends a strong message to the Health Secretary. However, given how many meetings, motions, petitions and protests there have been over the years and how important this is to my constituents, I cannot understand why the council is delaying asking the Health Secretary to intervene.

“It is vital that the Leader of the Council now takes immediate action and refers this decision to the Health Secretary so that it can be considered for review.”



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