My Plan to secure a better future for Telford

While serving as your MP for the last four years, I have worked very hard to make positive changes on issues that are the most important to you. Please take a moment to complete this survey asking you what matters most locally as I want to ensure that my priorities are truly matched with yours.

Your views really will help inform me how best to secure a better future for Telford.

My Plan for Telford

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1.1 I want to bring more companies to T54 Business Park. That way, we’ll get more jobs and a stronger economy. Do you agree that we need more businesses in T54 Business Park?
1.2 I am working with Telford College to help young people get the skills they need. Have you or a family member had to leave Telford to get the skills you need for work?
1.3 Residents say that it’s hard to get a GP appointment when they need one. Thinking about recent experience, how easy was it to get a GP appointment at a time that suits you?
1.4 Lots of residents say they find it hard to get on commuter trains to Birmingham. Have you or a family member experienced this?
1.5 Working with rail companies, I have managed to get an extra train every hour to Birmingham. But I want to do more. Do you agree that Telford needs more trains every hour to Birmingham?
1.6 Some residents say they don’t have access to enough services – like buses, broadband and schools. Thinking of any recent experience, how easy is it to get access to the services you need?