Prime Minister instructs public to stay at home to fight coronavirus

Last night the Prime Minister announced further measures to increase the effectiveness of social isolation. This is a key part of the fight against coronavirus, as it stops the spread of the disease, which is often symptomless, between people going about their lives.

Coronavirus Statement

It has been announced that a patient with coronavirus has passed away at Princess Royal Hospital, Telford. The patient who was a 41 year old woman from Telford, had a serious underlying health condition.
Lucy Allan MP said:

Lucy raises role of CCRC in overturning convictions of Post Office workers

Today in Parliament, a debate was held to further discuss the Post Office Horizon scandal. Lucy Allan MP asked the Minister for the Post Office, Paul Scully MP, about the key part the CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) has in looking at the wrongful convictions of sub-Postmasters.