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Four months ago we had a General Election.

At that election, the Prime Minister received a personal mandate from the British people to lead the country through Brexit and beyond.

Lawley residents meeting

Lucy Allan MP holds Lawley Village Residents Meeting

Telford’s MP, Lucy Allan held a public meeting at Lawley Village Primary Academy for local residents on Tuesday night.

Telford Journal Column

One of the biggest challenges facing the country, is a lack of affordable housing. It ought to be an achievable dream for anyone to be able to work hard, save up and buy their own home. For far too many people this dream is unattainable.

Getting Telford better connected

Lucy Allan MP today met with Arriva Trains Wales to discuss concerns around connectivity and capacity on the train service from Telford to Birmingham.

MP's Summer Report 2017

Telford's Member of Parliament reports back to residents. 

Lucy Allan MP updates local people on her commitments to Telford in her summer report, focusing on the Princess Royal's future and delivering a Brexit with business and the economy front and centre. Lucy said: