Working for Telford's Future

Lucy Allan has made a youtube video celebrating Telford's unique community spirit.

In a series of photos, each telling its own story, Lucy takes the viewer on a journey with her through her time as a community campaigner in Telford since March 2013. She highlight memorable events and inspiring people she has met along the way.

The video called "Working for Telford's future" can be seen here and is set to a thoughtful sound track that gathers pace and builds momentum througout the journey.

Lucy said: "its been an amazing priviledge to be Telford's parliamentary candidate since March 2013. In that time I have met so many fantastic people who have made a profound impression upon me. I have developed a real attachment and sense of belonging here. I have grown through this experience, in so many different ways and this video shows just that.

I just picked some photos that meant something to me from my Facbook page and set them to music. Its easy to see how much I have enjoyed the journey of getting to know the people, getting to know the area and getting to know the problems people face. Despite the simplicity of it underlying idea, it is a powerful piece - especially wth the sound turned up!