Withdrawal Agreement Vote

For two and half years, we have heard constant sound and fury from those who would block Brexit and who will stop at nothing to get their way.

Now we hear that last minute plots are afoot, with MPs seeking to take control away from the people who elected them. Brexit blockers are betraying the trust of every single voter who participated in the 2016 Referendum.

Parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50 in February 2017. At the General Election which followed in June 2017, both Conservative and Labour candidates pledged to honour the referendum result and deliver Brexit. For those same MPs to now say: we don’t like Brexit and we will subvert it, is an affront to our democracy. MPs sit in Parliament only because they have been given a mandate from the people, not because they know better than the people; they do not.

The British people were not cowed by threats and fear when voting to leave the EU in 2016. It is a noble objective to seek to be an independent nation. And yet leave voters have been shamefully pilloried by those who believe they know best: in Parliament, in the media, in our universities and even in our courts.

The Withdrawal Agreement that has been agreed with the EU is not Brexit. It takes us out of an arrangement where we can unilaterally leave the EU, to an arrangement where we cannot. No one, but no one, voted for this.

It is now too late to negotiate better terms on which to leave the EU. Leaving without a deal may not be the optimal way to leave, but it is at this late stage the only way. Parliament agreed by an overwhelming majority that we would leave on 29th March 2019 deal or no deal and so we must. Parliament has failed to agree a deal. Every other option from a second referendum to a further renegotiation delays Brexit and creates yet more uncertainty and disruption.

If Parliament does succeed in hijacking Brexit by revoking Article 50, and taking control away from the British people, it would be time for MPs to face their electorates at a General Election once again. Brexit blocking MPs will have set themselves above the people in an act of supreme arrogance. They will have failed our democracy and would have no mandate to sit in Parliament.