Telford MP supports new plans to boost housing supply in England

The MP for Telford, Lucy Allan, has welcomed news that the Government plans to overhaul the National Planning Policy Framework to ensure that everyone in Telford will have a stake in our housing market.

Announcing these plans, the Secretary of State for Housing, Sajid Javid, made a commitment to explore all avenues to meet everyone’s housing needs.

He talked about implementing an exception site policy, which enables applications for development for Starter Homes on under-used or unviable industrial and commercial land, that has not been currently identified for housing. This is intended to help more people on to the housing ladder. The Housing Secretary also committed to giving older people a better choice of accommodation, promoting build to rent and encouraging local policies for affordable homes that cater for essential workers such as nurses and police.

The Government’s reforms will also ensure that landlords offer longer tenancies and promote more homes for rent on a family-friendly basis, with three-year tenancies in build-to-rent schemes.

Other measures included cracking down on rogue landlords and the abuse of leaseholds, whilst also taking steps to make renting fairer and to tackle homelessness through earlier intervention.

There will also be much clearer expectations on local authorities and developers to deliver their commitment to unlock land, fulfil planning permissions, provide essential infrastructure, and turn those dreams of a decent, secure, affordable home into reality.

The government has already delivered more than a million homes since 2010, and last year saw the biggest increase in housing supply in England – over 217,000 new homes – for almost a decade.


Commenting on the announcement, Telford MP, Lucy Allan said:

“This is welcome news, which will ensure that everyone in Telford whether they are renting or buying, in the social or private sector get a stake in our housing market and a stake in our society.

“We have seen problems with new build estates in Telford such as Lawley Village, where infrastructure and maintenance of the area is lagging behind.

“It is important that developers building new build homes in Telford, understand what contributions they are expected to make towards the community.

“It is so important that new developments in Telford receive the right infrastructure, including GP surgeries, school places and appropriate facilities and I am pleased that these reforms will put in place clearer guidelines so that developers can be held to account.

“Under these new rules, local communities in Telford will be put at the heart of the planning process and will be able to shape the future of their community.

 “I know how important this issue is to the Housing Secretary, and I look forward to working with him, and the Government, on these plans in my capacity as Chair of the New Towns APPG.”