Telford Journal Column

Boris Johnson topped last week’s poll of MPs to be the next leader of the Party and the next Prime Minister by a huge margin. The reason for his runaway success amongst MPs, was that Boris Johnson recognises that Government can do nothing until Brexit is delivered.

It is no good now saying let’s go back to the EU and see if a different Prime Minister can get a better deal. It’s far too late for that.

It has now been three years since the British people voted to leave the EU. Not only have we failed to leave, but we have also failed in those three years to be a functioning Government.

Our remain dominated Parliament has thrown a spanner in the works at every opportunity and repeatedly threatened to do whatever it takes to stop Brexit. The latest efforts to discredit Boris Johnson are more of the same and now we hear of MPs who are prepared to bring down the Government if Britain leaves the EU as planned on 31st October. No wonder the EU feels there is no need to compromise, and no need to offer us a decent deal. The EU has been able to humiliate Britain time and again in this process, only because of the vocal remain MPs, unable to accept the outcome of the referendum, using their power to stop Brexit.

Not only does this harm democracy and trust in the democratic process, but it harms the economic interests of our country. This uncertainty, this constant pitched battle of Parliament against the people, this failure to reach a decision and move forward – it is this that is harming our economy. Business is putting investment on hold. Deals are being delayed, recruitment is being deferred.

It is not the job of Parliamentarians to thwart the decision made by the British people, when it was Parliament that gave the task of making this decision to the British people in the first place.

Whilst there are many who will argue that Boris Johnson is not the best person to be the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is the only person who will take us out of the EU on 31st October 2019. Until we leave the EU it is almost irrelevant who is Prime Minister, for as we have seen with Theresa May, without delivering Brexit, the Prime Minister is not in power and Government is in paralysis.