Statement on Prime Minister's Brexit speech

"I welcome the Prime Minister’s speech which has set a clear and definitive vision for Britain’s future outside of the EU. Theresa May has detailed an orderly Brexit that will allow the UK to reclaim its place in the global marketplace.


"Regaining control of our borders was a cornerstone of the Leave campaign and I am pleased that the Prime Minister is honouring this. Her statement that we will be leaving the single market indicates that there will not be a fudge or a deal done regarding the unrestricted free movement of people, which was a key issue for voters.


"This is a speech that has set out the UK’s priorities. I am confident that most people will welcome the formalising of our position. This will be mutually beneficial for both the UK and our European partners.


"As with any successful negotiation you have to be prepared to walk away and I was pleased that Theresa May included the message to our EU partners that 'no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain'."