The Queen's Speech - what I want to see

For the second time this year, Parliament is preparing for The Queen's Speech, setting out the the Government's legislative agenda for the next five years.

Lucy Allan said: " I am looking for measures that will benefit Telford and I expect that the General Election manifesto will form the basis of the programme set out today. I particularly welcome extra funding for the NHS to be enshrined in law and the guarantee that there will be no increase in VAT, Income Tax or National Insurance and more people to be taken out of the tax system altogether.

"Other specific provisions that I have campaigned on are stopping automatic early release of serious sexual and violent offenders, the new Towns fund from which Telford is set to benefit by up to £25m (money which Telford residents will choose how to spend to boost our economy), a cut in business rates to revive our high streets and abolishing hospital car parking charges for those groups most in need. 

"One other area that I hope see today which appeared in the manifesto is the Community Ownership fund of £150m. This is to encourage communities to take over and run community assets such as sports clubs, pubs and post offices. This would be great news for Madeley Post Office in Telford which is facing closure next year and which I know the community will welcome. 

"It will be a great Queen's Speech for Telford and we know that with a solid majority for the Government, these measures will be enacted in this Parliament and that is very refreshing indeed that promises can be delivered."