Prime Minister announces good news for Telford

 Lucy Allan welcomed David Cameron’s Party Conference speech in Birmingham this week, as excellent news for Telford.

Lucy said:  "It was a speech that addressed the needs of ordinary, working people, trying hard to get on on in life. There are households in Telford where the whole family works full time on the minimum wage. Their lives will be significantly improved by being taken out of tax almost completely. He also focused on getting more people into work and promoting opportunities for the young.”

“With 1 in 4 young people in Telford currently unemployed, it is vital that they get the support and experience they need to gain workplace skills." 

“Since 2010, well over 4,000 people in Telford have taken part in apprenticeships, allowing them to earn a living while gaining qualifications. Apprenticeships can offer brilliant opportunities for young people."

"I was also delighted that the PM spoke of his commitment to the NHS and that a Conservative Governement will protect NHS funding for the future. This is an incredibly important issue for people here in Telford. 

This was exactly the speech I wanted to hear from the Prime Minister and exactly the right commitments for Telford's future."