New Regional Test Site (RTS) to be opened in Ironbridge

Lucy Allan MP has been informed that a new Regional Test Site (RTS) will be established at Ironbridge Park and Ride over the coming days. The site will offer both assisted and self-administered tests and will make it easier for many people in Telford and the surrounding areas to access testing.

It is vital that people have access to testing so that they know whether they, or members of their household, have coronavirus. This enables them to take steps to look after themselves, protect others and know if they are fit to return to work. In turn, this helps reduce the spread of the virus. 

If you are not a key worker, RTS tests and home testing can be booked through the NHS’s online portal at:

Tests for key workers can be booked through the Government’s website at:


Lucy Allan MP said:

“I am pleased to hear that a new coronavirus test site is being established in Ironbridge so the residents of Telford have convenient access to tests. Widespread public testing for coronavirus is a key requirement for relaxing lockdown restrictions, allowing us to return to our normal lives as soon as possible.”