MP’s record on Improving services for new build estates

Over the last 2 years, Lucy Allan MP's website shows 18 publicly recorded actions and events undertaken by the MP in calling for improved services for new build estates.

These 18 publicly recorded actions and events have ranged from debates in Parliaments, questions to the Prime Minister, and Housing and Communities Minister to meetings with developers and residents. Lucy Allan also up a cross party group on New Towns to highlight the challenges facing New Towns and new build estates situated in these towns.

These publicly recorded actions and events can be found on


Lucy Allan said: 

“Telford is a rapidly growing new town. People come to Telford to live the dream, they buy the perfect new home and then find they are being sold short. For far too many the reality is unfinished communal areas, unadopted roads, non-compliance with Section 106, developers failing to take responsibility and the local council passing the buck.

“I know from my residents’ surveys on this issue and the many concerns that residents raise with me, that people in living in Lightmoor and Lawley have been really struggling to get heard. Residents experience a frustrating process of buck passing by the local authority, developers and management company. Every time they raise complaints, no one takes responsibility. These residents pay council tax and management fees and are not getting value for money.

“We cannot go on ignoring the struggles residents face. All parties have a responsibility to existing residents; getting after sales care right is essential for the future success of new builds.”