MP's record of action on Telford's Health needs

Over the last 12 months Lucy Allan’s website shows 39 publicly recorded actions and events undertaken by in fighting Telford's corner on local health issues.

These 39 publicly recorded actions and events, have ranged from debates in Parliaments, questions to the Prime Minister, meetings with the Health Secretary, the Chancellor and the Chair of the Independent Panel reviewing Future Fit.

These publicly recorded actions and events can be found on

Lucy Allan said: "Telford's health needs remain my top priority. I am proud of my record of action. The website shows only publicly recorded actions and events - the public record is great evidence of the work I have done, but its just the tip of the iceberg.

"There are all the behind the scenes activities, such as confidential meetings with the Chair of NHS England, the Department of Health, the Chairs of SaTH, meetings with other MPs, Councillors, telephone conversations, letters sent and of course, most importantly, discussing these issues with residents and understanding their needs and concerns.

"I have written many thousands of letters and emails to constituents on the subject of Future Fit for example, as well as other important health issues such GP access, A&E night time closures and protecting our local NHS. A lot of my case work relates to helping people with individual health needs and concerns. I have a dedicated and experienced team working full time in Telford to handle these sensitive issues whilst I am in Parliament during the week. I also have one to one meetings with residents at my weekly surgeries in Telford.

"I will continue to make Telford's health needs my number one priority."