MP's record of action on improving transport links in Telford

Over the last 2 years, Lucy Allan MP's website shows 10 publicly recorded actions and events undertaken by the MP in calling for improved transport links in Telford. These 10 publicly recorded actions and events, have ranged from debates in Parliaments, questions to the Prime Minister, and Transport Minister to regular meetings with the train operators, Transport for Wales and West Midlands Rail and Network Rail.

These publicly recorded actions and events can be found on  


Lucy Allan said: 

“Rail links are vital for Telford’s economy. A town Telford’s size needs a quick reliable service to other major routes available from Wolverhampton and Birmingham. Instead of improved services we have seen a marked deterioration in our train service with providers frequently cutting services to only two carriages.

"I have been meeting with the train operators and other partners to try and improve this situation and I have also been raising the matter in Parliament and with Ministers. 

“We make a significant contribution to the West Midlands economy and we need a long term strategy for our rail connections, as well as a solution to address the current overcrowding and delays being experienced by commuters. The existing service has been extremely poor.

“I want to see our Council supporting my efforts to bring the operators into line and deliver a decent service. We need to work constructively with the West Midlands Mayor and the West Midlands Rail Executive. I will continue to fight Telford’s corner on this important issue.”