MP's record of action on CSE in Telford

Over the last 18 months Lucy Allan MP's website shows 35 publicly recorded actions and events undertaken by the MP in tackling CSE in Telford and raising the concerns of victims and families.

These 35 publicly recorded actions and events, have ranged from debates in Parliaments, questions to the Prime Minister, and Children's Minister to meetings with the Justice Secretary and the Attorney General.

These publicly recorded actions and events can be found on

Lucy Allan said: "CSE is an issue that has greatly affected our town. I am proud to have been able to work with victims and survivors to get their voice heard in Parliament and to have joined survivors in successfully campaigning for an inquiry. The website shows only publicly recorded actions and events - and of course the public record is great evidence of the work I have done in this area, but a lot of work has also gone on behind the scenes.

"I have met with many victims and survivors, worked to secure legal representation for families, worked with the police and probation services locally to ensure new victims coming forward were properly heard, and also with the local Council to get the inquiry off the ground. I am meeting the newly appointed Chairman of the inquiry in Parliament next week. I have worked cross party with MPs whose constituencies have been affected by this issue.

"I have campaigned to change the law relating to early release of serious sexual offenders by highlighting the case of the Mubarek Ali and I have worked with the media on articles, interviews and documentaries to keep shining the light on an issue that had been too long swept under the carpet."