Lucy's assistance for constituents during the pandemic

Since March, Lucy has been contacted by hundreds of constituents and businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic.

The unprecedented economic challenges that were imposed on the community by the virus have touched every sector of Telford’s dynamic local economy, threatening jobs and livelihoods. In response, the Government has pulled every lever it can to ensure that financial support can be issued to all who need it. The Government released billions of pounds in grants to be allocated by local authorities, and established a number of low risk loans and tax holidays to reduce the pressure on the cost of living.

Lucy continues to receive enquiries and her team is working hard to ensure that wherever there are avenues for support, they can be accessed. This has often involved Lucy writing to and lobbying Minsters directly on behalf of constituents, ensuring that Telford’s businesses are at the forefront of Government decision making. Where there are loopholes in the guidance, Lucy has raised her concerns directly with her colleagues, ensuring that MPs and the Government are kept abreast of the impact of each scheme. In this way, she has ensured that several businesses that were unable to secure support at the start were supported in accessing financial packages to assist with costs.

Following the relaxation of lockdown rules, many more business are now able to open again, albeit whilst maintaining a COVID-secure environment. This is an encouraging shift towards a more normal situation, and it is vital to encourage people to return to shops, venues and services to ensure that they are supported through consumer spending.

Lucy continues to support local business and is always happy to help her constituents wherever possible. It is heartening to see so many resilient businesses reopen and begin serving the public again.

Constituents should not hesitate to email if they require any assistance or would like to raise your situation with Lucy.