Lucy welcomes fall in Telford unemployment

Telford MP Lucy Allan has welcomed yet another fall in both national and Telford unemployment rates.


Figures published today show that nationally unemployment dropped by around 52,000 people with a record 74.5% of people employed.


In Telford  33 fewer people are claiming unemployment benefits than last month. This gives an overall unemployment claimant rate in Telford of economically active people aged 16-64 of 2.7%, slightly above the national average of just 2.4%.


These unemployment figures are the first to be compiled and released by the Office for National Statistics.


Commenting on the drop of unemployment claimants, Lucy said: “I’m pleased to see another drop in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in Telford. More people earning a wage is good for everyone, but especially those that are now supporting themselves and their families.


“Whilst it is still early days, I’m pleased that in the first month since the Brexit vote unemployment has decreased. Some expressed concerns about the economic impact of a vote to leave the EU. I’m sure people will be reassured that the jobs market remains strong.



“Telford is a great place to run a business and work and I am hopeful that unemployment rates continue to fall.”