Lucy welcomes Autumn Statement

Announcements in the statement that Lucy is particularly pleased to see introduced are the increase of the living wage from £7.20 to £7.50 as well as plans to increase the personal tax allowance. This will ensure that hard-working people in Telford will keep more of the money they earn.


Lucy is also pleased to see fuel duty frozen again having recently written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer requesting this. Other measures which Lucy has welcomed are more money for broadband and banning letting agent’s fees for tenants.


“I am grateful to the Chancellor for continuing the trend of freezing fuel duty. Philip Hammond has listened to backbench MPs and taken on board our comments to continue the freeze. This freeze will save the average car user £150 a year and van drivers £350 a year.


“I am also pleased to see an extra £1bn for broadband infrastructure. I’ve long campaigned for better digital connections in Telford and I am keen to see some of this money find its way here so that homes and businesses alike can benefit.


 “With approximately a third of people in the West Midlands renting their home, banning letting agent’s fees will be welcome. These costs represent a major burden for tenants forcing many to borrow money to secure a home.


“This is an Autumn Statement that will help many working families in Telford.”