Lucy visits Telford Senior Citizens Forum

Community campaigner Lucy Allan visited the Senior Citizens Forum at Dawley Christian Centre earlier this week.

The event offered members the chance to get involved in a variety of arts and crafts activities, showcasing the wealth of opportunities that are available for the senior community in Telford.  Activities included rag rugging, watercolour painting and card making.

The program offering computer tuition especially impressed Lucy, who said: “The need to give everybody the power to use technology is incredibly important.

“Providing the older community with computer skills can open up fantastic opportunities for them; for example through Skype they can speak to family members who have moved abroad, or video call children and grandchildren they wouldn’t normally get to see.”

Lucy also became aware of the funding problems being suffered by the Senior Citizens Forum, and says she will endeavor to help the group find grants that they will be eligible for. For example, the Purchasing of Equipment grants, ranging from £2,000 to £100,000, could be used to fund newer computers and tablets for the digital outreach program.