Lucy supports Government review into post-18 education

Telford MP Lucy Allan, has welcomed news today, that the Government will be launching a wide-ranging review into post-18 education.

In a speech, later today, the Prime Minister is set to urge people to change their attitudes that university is the only desirable route for young people.

The Prime Minister is expected to put a focus on technical education and qualifications, as a route to succeed in life.

Telford MP, Ms Allan, who is also a member of the Education Select Committee, has repeatedly called on the Government to expand its apprenticeship and STEM offerings to young people. Ms Allan believes that broadening options for school leavers is crucial and will help provide new opportunities for young people to enter tech and skilled industries.

Commenting, Ms Allan said:

"This wide-ranging review is good news, and will provide a number of new pathways into the world of work for young people.

"From having discussions with students in Telford, not everyone wants to take the traditional route into higher education.

"By promoting apprenticeships and other means of vocational training, I hope we can provide our young people with a platform to industry, as well as the opportunity to earn while they learn."



Image credit: Getty