Lucy speaks out in debate on the educational performance of boys

Telford MP, Lucy Allan has taken part in a debate on the educational performance of boys to highlight how boys, from white working class backgrounds, underachieve compared to other demographic groups.


During the debate (held on Tuesday 6th September) Lucy detailed how only 28% of white boys on free school meals achieve five A to C GCSEs whereas girls from a similar background do significantly better. Missing out on these qualifications prevents boys from continuing into higher education.


Lucy also drew attention to a recent Save the Children report which sets out how many of these boys go on to become ‘lost young men’ who become involved with the criminal justice system further affecting their ability to lead stable lives.


As a former school governor and member of the Education Select committee, Lucy is keen to see that Government continues to drive up standards in school and create opportunities for all to ensure that no pupil is left behind.


Speaking after the debate, Lucy Allan MP said: “Tackling the issue of educational underperformance of white working class is essential if we want to help these boys access higher education and other opportunities. Whilst it may be uncomfortable to talk about we need to shine a light on the causes of their underperformance.


“It is vital that these boys are not left behind by their more successful female and BME peers. From personal experience as a school governor, including at a Pupil Referral Unit, it is vital that we encourage positive home learning experiences, outdoor activity and support boys emotional health and wellbeing.”