Lucy raises the wrongful convictions of Post Office Workers

At Business Questions, Lucy raised the case of a constituent who, like hundreds of others, had been taken to court for theft by the Post Office.

A fault in the Post Office's computer systems made it appear as if there was a shortfall in the takings at the tills. Lucy's constituent, Tracy Felstead, had a till that was allegedly short of over £11,000. Ms Felstead accused of theft and was subsequently arrested and imprisoned.  

Following legal action, the Post Office lost a case at the High Court and agreed to enter negotiations with the Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance, who had brought the legal action to court.

The Post Office has agreed to settle the case, and will pay the claimants a total of £57.75 million.

Lucy raised this matter in the House of Commons and requested that a debate be scheduled so MPs could discuss the scandal further and raise the cases of their own constituents who had also been falsely accused.

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