Lucy to raise Youth Homelessness in Parliament

Telford MP, Lucy Allan has pledged to raise youth homelessness in Parliament after meeting with local Telford charity Stay.


Having supported used her Community Fund to donate to Stay in 2015/16 Lucy met with Chief Executive, John Green to hear about the new challenges facing Stay.


One such challenge is the increase in the number of young people, who whilst not considered as being at risk of harm feel unable to stay at home for a multitude or reasons. These young people are often limited in the rights they have and the benefits they can claim so without support face the prospect of becoming homeless.


During Lucy’s meeting with John, Lucy pledged to try and secure a Parliamentary debate to raise this important issue and have the government respond on what it feels it can do to prevent young people becoming homeless.


Speaking after the meeting, Lucy Allan MP said: “Stay do excellent work in Telford and we are fortunate to have such a proactive charity.


“The work stay do in providing accommodation and support to young people is invaluable to Telford and life changing. Young people facing homelessness are not only provided with accommodation but are given the support and encouragement that has often been missing in their lives to make something of themselves.


“I will look to secure a debate on the issue of youth homelessness when Parliament resumes so the important issue so can be considered at the highest level. Children and young people don’t want to be homeless and more needs to be done to support those children who aren’t at risk of harm, but who for whatever reason can’t stay at home.”