Lucy quizzes Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Primary School pupils on what Telford changes they would like to see

Telford MP Lucy Allan has asked pupils at Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge CE Primary School what changes they would like to see in Telford after visiting the school yesterday.



During the school assembly Lucy posed the question of what changes they would like to see and was met with answers including less crime and littering to having the council taking over un-adopted roads.



Whilst touring the school Lucy met with Head teacher Sue Blackburn to hear about the school’s recent SATs experience and the changes they would like to see. As part of the meeting Lucy agreed to write to Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan MP, to raise the school’s concerns.



Speaking after the visit, Lucy Allan MP said: “It was lovely to visit Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale Primary School and take part in their assembly and listen to a debate about SATS.



“Visiting schools and hearing pupils’ ideas and thoughts is always refreshing. I am impressed by the depth of interest in local and national issues and the changes they would like to see.”



“Having met staff too I am eager to convey their thoughts to the Government on behalf of pupils and their parents.”