Lucy presented with award by Georgia Williams Trust

Community campaigner Lucy Allan was presented with an award from the Georgia Williams Trust this weekend thanking her for her contribution to the charity following her “Inspiring Women” business lunch.

The Parliamentary Candidate for Telford was given the award at the second annual “Ferret Fest”, in Bowring Park, Wellington, by Lynette Williams and the Trust’s chairman Richard Langton.

The business lunch, with keynote speaker Karren Brady, was held in August and raised £1500 for the Trust.

Lucy said: “I am delighted with the award. I am a great supporter of the Trust as I share the aim of providing young people with opportunities to develop themselves as individuals while also contributing to their community.”

Ferret Fest, now in its second year, is organised by National Citizenship Service volunteers, who are responsible for the planning, publicity and delivery of the event.

Lucy said: “I was very impressed to hear about the fantastic experiences local teenagers have had this year through participating with the scheme.

“They put on a great show and should be very proud of themselves. The National Citizenship Service is a brilliant scheme that helps give young people the skills and experience they need to thrive. One NCS graduate told me how the experience has left her with friends for life and the desire to do more for her local area.”

The NCS helps young people from all walks of life to develop the interpersonal skills, responsibility and awareness of social issues to prepare them for adult life and set them apart when applying for employment.

The programme involves an outdoor adventure activity residential, learning about Creative and Community Planning, meeting local business leaders, charities and inspirational speakers and the delivery of a Social Action Project like Ferret Fest. To find out more about getting involved with the National Citizen Service, go to