Lucy delighted at May Premiership

"Having backed Theresa May from the start of the leadership contest I am delighted that she will become Prime Minister. 

 "Theresa is right for the country right now."

 "She has been a success in the Home Office and she will be a success as Prime Minister. Her experience both in Parliament and in Government will bring much needed stability to the country with the markets and pound already seeing a boost at the news of her selection.

 “On a personal note it was Theresa who first encouraged me to stand for Parliament and she is an incredible role model to all women. She has committed to a Government that will focus on those who have been left behind and excluded in so many ways and I fully support that vision."

"Theresa offers a positive future for the country and I know she will be hard at work delivering on that vision of a better Britain for everyone straight away. She can clearly hit the ground running."