Lucy Allan's Maiden Speech Praised by PM

Lucy Allan MP received a very positive letter from Prime Minister, David Cameron congratulating her on the maiden speech she gave in the House of Commons at the start of the parliamentary term.

The MP’s speech contained details of Telford’s history as well as Lucy’s plans for the town’s future.

Lucy Allan MP said: “I was very touched to receive this letter from the Prime Minister congratulating me on making my first speech back in May, at the start of the Parliamentary term.

"I wanted to put Telford centre stage and talk about its proud history, it's determination to overcome obstacles and its optimism for the future. I was delighted that the Prime Minister had the chance to learn about our town's unique identity and its independent spirit.

“In my speech I talked about my vision for Telford’s future: the need to protect its green spaces, to ensure better transport links for the town, and more opportunities for our young people.


“It's been an intensely busy parliamentary session; I particularly valued the Prime Minister taking the time to read my first speech as Telford's MP and writing to express his appreciation and interest."

You can see the maiden speech on Youtube here: