Lucy Allan writes to Morrisons Chief Executive to raise car park plans

Local MP, Lucy Allan has written to David Potts, Chief Executive of Morrisons to call on the supermarket to reconsider a controversial move to put number plate recognition cameras on its car park at Lawley Square.

The cameras, which were rejected by Telford & Wrekin Council but approved on appeal by a planning inspector, will potentially limit how long people can park at the site.

The prospect of their introduction has sparked huge criticism from local residents, with some calling for a boycott of the store and cutting up their Morrisons cards in protest.

In her letter Ms Allan said:

"Lawley Square is a community of business and new homes built around parking at Morrisons. The concern is that people will avoid the area once the cameras are installed and parking restricted, leading local businesses to suffer. The local school also use Lawley Square to ease congestion by the school to improve safety of the children. It is used as community parking.

"Furthermore, services located at Lawley Square such as GPs, the pharmacy, vets and many others were planned with little or no parking as it identified the community car park as an alternative. Consequently, staff of those organisations will no longer have parking facilities, which will impact their ability to operate and provide a service to the local community."


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