Lucy Allan welcomes progress for Lawley and Lightmoor

Since becoming Telford’s MP in 2015, Lucy Allan has been fighting for a fair deal for freeholders on Telford’s newbuild estates. She has highlighted the shortcomings of developers, management companies and lack of action by the local council and has been giving a voice to local residents.

Working with residents groups, developers, local councillors and Homes England, Lucy has been raising the issues of unadopted roads, poor maintenance, unfinished communal areas, delayed completions, and non-compliance with the s106 agreements struck with the local Council.

Lucy organised a series of stakeholder meetings and a public meeting with residents to hold developers and the Council to account. The Telford MP also raised the matter in Parliament at Prime Minister’s Questions, with the Local Communities Secretary and the Housing Minister. She has been championing New Towns in Parliament as the Chair of the All-Party Group on New Towns and held a debate on the challenges New Towns face.

The Council has now agreed to commit £500,000 to Lawley and Lightmoor to help tackle some of these problems.


Lucy Allan said:

“It is high time that the Council stepped up to take action on this vital issue. Telford is a rapidly growing new town. People come to Telford to live the dream, they buy the perfect new home and then find they are being sold short.

“There is more work to do to secure the success of Lawley and Lightmoor but this is a welcome first step by the Council. The Council is happy to take huge sums from the developers and they have a duty to ensure developers deliver what they promise.

“I know from my residents’ surveys on this issue and the many concerns that residents raise with me, that people in living in Lightmoor and Lawley have been really struggling to get heard. Residents experience a frustrating process of buck passing by the local authority, developers and management company. Every time they raise complaints, no one takes responsibility. These residents pay council tax and management fees and are not getting value for money.

“We cannot go on ignoring the struggles residents face. All parties have a responsibility to existing residents; getting after sales care right is essential for the future success of new build. The council has an important role to play and I am pleased that they have now responded to the pressure I have been bringing to bear for the past 3 years.”


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