Lucy Allan visits Madeley Nursery School in Telford

Today in Telford, local MP, Lucy Allan visited Madeley Nursery School to meet with the Headteacher as well as governors and the children. Madeley Nursery is a maintained nursery school that makes an important contribution to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged children in Telford. Maintained nurseries often specialise in caring for children with disabilities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. They also contribute some of the highest quality early years education.

During the visit, Ms Allan was shown the creative and innovation learning environment they offer children at Madeley to encourage curiosity and a love of learning.

School leaders were also able to express their concerns about the future of government funding for maintained nurseries. Ms Allan expressed her support for the fantastic work which maintained nurseries do and committed to lobby the government for funding at the next spending review.


Lucy Allan said:

“It was such an inspirational visit to Madeley Nursery in Telford who are doing fantastic work to encourage children to learn but also enjoy learning.

“I am aware of the concerns expressed about the future funding of maintained nurseries across the country and I will continue to make representations to the government during the next few months ahead of the spending review.”