Lucy Allan raises case of Telford Domestic Violence victim

Lucy Allan MP has today written to the Minister for Vulnerability, who is responsible for domestic violence, to raise the case of constituent Lyn McNally, who was murdered in her home by her partner in 2018.

It came to light yesterday that Lyn’s partner murdered her the day after he was admitted to an acute mental health facility in Shrewsbury.

Lucy Allan MP said: I am extremely concerned that a dangerous and violent man was released from a mental health facility and the very next day went on to brutally murder his partner in her home. Too many women are victims of domestic abuse and we need to do more to identify the factors involved. I am glad that a full review is being conducted into this case so that lessons are learned. I am bringing this case to the attention of the minister because it will inform the work being done in the Home Office to prevent domestic violence and highlight what went wrong in this tragic case.”

Pictured: Lucy Allan with Victoria Atkins Minister for Vulnerability.