Lucy Allan MP welcomes Queens Speech

Telford MP Lucy Allan has welcomed the Queen’s Speech as good news for the town, boosting business, jobs and growth.

The speech, the first from a majority Conservative Government in nearly 20 years, has been described by the Prime Minister as a programme for working people.

Lucy Allan said: “Telford is a place of opportunity and aspiration and this Queen’s Speech is good news for Telford’s future. It benefits the hard-working, aspirational people that make this town great, making taxes fairer and rewarding those that work hard.

“The Speech sets out this Government’s plans for the next five years, which will see us continue our economic recovery, lower the benefits cap, and help get more people into work.

“It also promises to make sure anyone working 30 hous a week for minimum wage will not pay income tax, and will freeze income tax, VAT, and national insurance for five years, making it easier for employees and employers to get on and work hard.

“The Government also laid out plans to improve the NHS by increasing the health budget and making it easier to get medical help seven days a week.


“We will also get an in-out referendum on the EU by 2017, giving British people a say on whether we should stay in Europe.”