Lucy Allan MP meets with Marches LEP Board members

Telford MP, Lucy Allan has today met with the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in Parliament to receive an update on the LEP’s progress and to be briefed on the LEP’s proposed Growth Deal bids.


Growth Deals are government funding provided to each of the country’s 39 LEPs to provide critical transport and infrastructure improvements. The deals are designed to support and job creation and house building projects and in 2015/16 was worth £12.8m to the Marches LEP. In total the government has made £1.8 billion available in the latest round of Growth Funding.


After being briefed on the different projects for which funding is sought, Lucy, along with MPs representing neighbouring constituencies, asked questions about the Enterprise Telford project, an advanced manufacturing and innovation corridor project planned for Telford.


Andrew Percy, Minister for Local Growth attended to provide a government update on the Growth Deals process and current position.


Speaking after the meeting, Lucy Allan MP said: “It was a great opportunity to be briefed by LEP Chairman Graham Wynn OBE and LEP Director Gill Hamer about what the LEP has achieved and the future plans for growth in the region.


“Of particular interest are the plans for the Enterprise Telford project. Telford already has a strong manufacturing background and further development in this area will provide a big boost for the town. New business means an increase for council coffers through business rates and new employment opportunities for the town’s growing population.


“Whilst government can support business growth, it is the businesses themselves need that deliver   So much for our area. As a business led organisation the Marches LEP has been extremely successful in encouraging and supporting businesses to grow and develop in Telford.


Above photograph shows LEP Chairman, Graham Wynn OBE with Lucy Allan MP.