Lucy Allan MP looking forward to the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations

Telford MP, Lucy Allan is looking forward to attending celebrations to mark HM the Queen’s birthday in both Parliament in Telford on 21 April.


In the House of Commons the Prime Minister will propose an humble Address to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday. In addition to this the bells at Westminster Abbey will be rung at 1pm.


Later on Thursday Lucy will be attending Telford’s beacon lighting at Southwater along with councillors, the vice Lord Lieutenant and military officers from nearby bases. The event will be opened by the Abraham Darby Academy Showband who will be playing for 20 minutes as people arrive.


Commenting on the events planned for HM the Queen’s birthday, Lucy said: “The 21st promises to be an excellent day when everyone can come together to celebrate our longest serving monarch’s 90th birthday – an age no other monarch has reached.



“The Queen has played such an integral part to British life and I look forward to seeing communities across the country coming together to celebrate her birthday. The scale of celebration perfectly illustrates just how much her service to the country is valued by us all.”