Lucy Allan MP invites women in Telford to apply to attend #AskHerToStandDay

Lucy Allan is inviting women in Telford to apply to attend an all-day event in Parliament celebrating the 100-year anniversary since women were given the right to vote and to encourage more women to stand for election.

The event has been organised by campaign group 50:50 Parliament, which aims to achieve an inclusive gender-balanced parliament, that draws upon the widest possible pools of talent. The group encourage, and support political engagement, particularly from women and lobby political parties to be more inclusive of women.

Lucy Allan would like to hear from female applicants in 100 words: More women in politics? Why does it matter?

The winner will spend the day in Parliament and sit in on the Women & Equalities Select Committee as they discuss women's representation in the Commons and the action that needs to be taken to make progress. There will also be an opportunity to watch PMQs live as MPs bring key questions to the chamber and take part in a Get Elected Workshop, hosted by the Parliament Project to gain the confidence and skills to stand for election.

On display will also be the 209 Women Art Exhibition which exhibits all 209 portraits of female MPs, created by 209 UK based female photographers, to mark the suffrage centenary.


Lucy Allan, who is Shropshire's only female MP said:

”There is still a need to normalise women’s participation in politics which can only be achieved by more women participating in public life and equalising the gender balance in Parliament.

“Women have a huge amount to offer our political system. Women are often treated very differently to men and almost always held to a different standard. The more women we have in politics the more likely we are to be treated equally."

“Both men and women in politics need to encourage more women to put themselves forward to ensure that our representatives truly reflect the makeup of society.”


To apply to attend the #AskHerToStandDay on 21 November 2018 please say in 100 words why it matters that more women take part in politics and send to  

Please also include your name and full address including your postcode.

Please note that only applicants living in the Telford constituency will be considered. Applications without an address cannot be considered. Deadline 7th November 2018.

To find out for information click the link below.