Lucy Allan MP convenes summit in bid to halt night time A&E closures

Telford MP Lucy Allan today wrote to the Chief Executive of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust, Simon Wright, demanding he meet with Telford’s elected representatives to hear what they have to say and to take their questions.

This follows confusion over which of the County’s two hospitals will receive £3.9m of Government funding for winter pressures,  recently awarded to the Trust, and the proposed night time closure of A&E at Telford’s Princess Royal Hospital, likely to be announced this Thursday.

Lucy Allan said: “These decisions are being taking without any discussion with elected representatives. We represent the people in Telford who will be affected by these changes. The Trust management is not communicating with us, even on a basic level. They are not telling us what is happening and not listening to what we have to say on behalf of our constituents. At the same time, they are making vital decisions that will affect our community and affect Telford’s future. This is wholly unacceptable.”

“This is our hospital – it belongs to the people of Telford. As elected representatives, we should be consulted and given the opportunity to speak up for our constituents. Instead SaTH management seem to think we are an irrelevance which shows huge disrespect to the people whom we serve.”

“I have convened an urgent summit of all the elected representatives in Telford to ensure SaTH management can fully hear our concerns. As representatives, we must work together to ensure Telford’s voice is heard.”

“For too long Telford’s Council Leader has been shouting at his political opponents on this issue, achieving nothing at all.  Instead he needs to join us and work as a team to put Telford’s case. I hope this summit will be an opportunity for much needed joined up collaborative working on behalf of our residents. Telford people deserve a united voice to ensure they are heard.”

Lucy Allan's PRH summit meeting will be held in Telford at a date to be confirmed by SaTH. It is open to all Telford's elected representatives.